Nielsen Confluence Panel India Review - Free ₹150 Amazon Flipkart Vouchers Every Month | Payment proof MobileXpression Facebook research alternative

Confluence panel app review

The Confluence panel is a mobile research app from Nielsen. Here you earn money for just keeping this app on your smartphone. The app tracks the behavior of the users like app activity and gives rewards for it.
The best part of this app is that it doesn't require you to turn on the VPN. Similar apps like Mobilexpression, Facebook research, and Toluna consumer Insight program require you to turn on their VPN to earn money and it's annoying sometimes.
The app pays you in points. You will get 50 points every day. The conversion rate is 1000 points = ₹100.

Note: Many users are kept on the 'Waiting list'. Try apps similar to the confluence panel. These apps pay higher than the Confluence panel. Read our latest blog post on List of best passive income apps

How much can you earn from confluence app

  • Sign up bonus: 250 points - Enter ZSUOS16165 as the referral code to get 250 points.
  • Daily rewards: 50 points

So, if you keep the app for a month you will get 50 x 30 = 1500 points and is ₹150.

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How to start earning from confluence panel app

Method 1:

  • Download Confluence Panel APK app from the link below

Register on confluence panel

  • Click register

  • Accept terms and conditions

  •  Enter referral code as ZSUOS16165 to get 250 points

  • Complete signup procedures by giving all necessary permissions

Method 2:

  • Open the link below in your mobile browser.

Register on confluence panel

  • Accept the terms and conditions and complete the registration process. Includes mobile number verification.

Note enter referral code: ZSUOS16165

  • You will get the download page of the app. Download the apk after finishing the registration process

Note: If the app didn't start downloading, press, and hold the icon and select 'open in new window' or open the link in a new window to start the download.

  • Now open the app and give the necessary permissions and login with your mobile number and password.

  • That's all, now you will get a sign-up bonus of 250 points. You will get 50 points every day. If it's not crediting your points every day don't worry, they will credit it after two or three days together.


You can request a payment when you earn a minimum of 1000 points (₹100). They pay you in Vouchers like Flipkart, Amazon, Bookmyshow, Myntra, etc.

How to redeem.

  • Go to redeem reward option within the app

  • Select the voucher

  • Select the denomination

  • Payments are processed within 3-4 weeks.

Payment proof

Confluence panel is paying its users on time and personally, we got more than 3 payments. You can see a payment from the confluence below.


  • No VPN
  • Points are credited every day and if missed, it automatically credits in next day.
  • The low minimum payout starts from ₹100


  • 3-4 weeks to process the payment.
  • Requires lots of permissions including access to the notification and microphone.
  • Similar apps like Mobilexpression pays more.
  • It cannot be withdrawn in cash.

Nielson is a trusted name in the online survey. If you are ready to share your smartphone usage with Nielson you can register on this app. If you are very concerned about their privacy and it's not for you. Here you earn money for just keeping this app on your device, you don't have to do anything. They are paying on time and it's one of the best passive earning app. If you liked Nielson you should try other similar apps like Mobilexpression and Toluna consumer Insight program. You can also use this along with other apps to increase your earning.

Apps similar to Confluence panel

There are few apps like confluence panel that reward users to just keep their app on the phone. The below apps accept members from India.

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  1. YouGov Pulse ₹300 /month + survey income
  2. Mobilexpression: ₹200 / month
  3. Toluna consumer Insight program: Up to  ₹600/month + survey income
  4. Honeygain: $1/10GB ($5 sign-up bonus)
  5. Engaged Hits on Timebucks: $0.001/video (will play in background - passive income)
  6. Read our post on Top Best passive earning apps - Earn money for doing nothing 

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What's your thought on this app? or already a user? Share your experience with others in the comment section below.

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