Best Passive earning apps to make money - Earn money for doing nothing

Passive income apps reward you for doing nothing. There are few apps in the market that don't require you to perform certain tasks. These apps pay you to install the app and just leave it running on your device. These apps will not make you rich, but you can earn a few bucks extra without doing any hard work. 

Best passive income apps list

  • Toluna Consumer Insight Program

Toluna Consumer Insight Program is a passive earning opportunity from the leading survey website Toluna. You will be rewarded for sharing usage behaviour. You have to install an app or browser extension to start earning. You can multiply your earning by installing the apps on multiple devices. They provide an android app, browser extension for Chrome, and browser extension for Firefox. You will get 20,000(₹200) points/month for each device. If you have installed on the smartphone and on Chrome you will get 40,000(₹400) points. 

Countries accepted: All
Earning per month: 20,000 points ($3 / ₹200) - 60,000 points (₹200)
Sign up bonus: 500 points
Minimum Payout: 20000 points

To start earning you have to first register on Toluna website 
Join Toluna

After completing registration on Toluna click on the link below to Register for consumer insight program

Join Consumer Insight Program

  • YouGov Pulse

YouGov pulse passive income app

YouGov pulse is a market research app from the leading market research and data analytics firm YouGov, headquartered in the UK. This app rewards you for sharing your smartphone usage. You have to join the YouGov survey website and download the YouGov app to start earning. You will get 300 points ($3 / ₹200) every month for keeping the app on your smartphone. You can earn extra from the regular surveys which are high paying. You will get 25 - 200 points for every survey and there is no kick out in the surveys from YouGov. 

Countries accepted: India
Earning per month: $3 / ₹300
Sign up bonus: 200 points ($2)
Minimum Payout: 5000 points($50 / ₹3600)

  • Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel, Confluence Panel

Nielsen, one of the leading market research company offers passive income for users in exchange for sharing usage behaviour. You will get paid monthly for sharing your usage data with the company. You have to install an app or software on your devices to start earning. 

Nielsen Confluence Panel is available only in India and pays ₹150/month. Enter the referral code as ZSUOS16165 to get 250 points. The app also provides a refer and earn program. Read our full review  on Confluence Panel for more details

Users from other countries can try Nielsen Computer and mobile panel. You can increase earning if you can add multiple devices to the list. 

Countries accepted: All
Earning per month: 1500 points ($5 / ₹150)
Sign up bonus: 250 points 
Minimum Payout: 1000 points ($5)

  • MobileXpression

MobileXpression rewards you for sharing smartphone usage behaviour. You have to register on the website to download the app. The app installs a VPN on your device to collect data. You will get a $5 / ₹300 signup bonus. You will get $3 / ₹200 every month for keeping the app. You can redeem your earning as Amazon gift vouchers.

Countries accepted: All
Earning per month: $3 / ₹200
Sign up bonus: $5 / ₹300
Minimum Payout: $5 / ₹300

  • Honey Gain

Honeygain pays you for sharing unused internet. You can share your unused data with honey gain to earn money. You have to register and install the Honeygain app to start earning You will get $1 for 10Gb data shared. You can install the app on multiple devices including desktop. You can also earn 10% of your referral. You will get a $5 signup bonus if you use the below button to register. 

Countries accepted: All
Earning: $1/10 Gb
Sign up bonus: $5
Minimum Payout: $20

  • Brave Browser

Brave is a free and open-source web browser based on the Chromium web browser (You can use all extensions on chrome Webstore). The browser provides a build-in ad-block, speed, security, and privacy. The Brave browser offers Brave Reward and the users can earn BAT Tokens for engaging with sponsored websites. The BAT tokens is a cryptocurrency and can be exchanged to cash. To start earning Install the browser and opt-in for Brave rewards from the settings. You can also earn money by referring your friends, verifying Youtube channel, or Website.

Countries accepted: All
Earning: 5-25 BAT/Month
Minimum Payout: 25BAT For first payout

  • CryptoTab Browser

CryptoTab is a web browser based on the Chromium web browser (You can use all extensions on chrome Webstore). It is the first browser with a mining feature. The browser mines cryptocurrencies in the background while you use this browser. You are rewarded in Bitcoin. The browser is available in multiple platforms like Android and windows. You can install on any number of devices and increase your earning. They have a very good 10 level referral program. Your first level gives you 15%, next level 10% and third level 5%. The level commission decreases to 0.0625% on level 10.

Countries accepted: All
Earning: depends on usage
Minimum Payout: 0.00001 BTC

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