Hive Work review | Get paid to do simple tasks, work from home | How much you can earn per hour | Payment proof

hive work review payment proof
Hive Work pays you to do simple tasks like image categorization that requires no skills to join. You can start working on this website if you have a decent knowledge of English and an internet connection. You can work on your PC or smartphone. They have Android and IOS applications so that you can work on the go.

hive work review payment proof

How to start working with Hive Work

You need to register first to start working on Hive work. You can register on their website or app.
Links are given below

  • Weblink

 Join Hive Work

  • App

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After completing registration

  • Go to Jobs
hive work review payment proof

  • You can see available jobs and their rates per 1000 tasks
  • Take qualification Test and achieve the required accuracy
  • Go to My Jobs
  • Click 'Start Working'

Types of Jobs available on Hive Work

Most of the jobs are categorization and image annotation.  You will get task instructions from the qualification test itself.

Most of the jobs are like identifying a logo, check the image is a blur, check if the content is 18+, etc. and are very easy to complete. All jobs cannot be completed on smartphones, some require a desktop.

hive work review payment proof

You should maintain the accuracy of the tasks, if your accuracy goes down below 80%  you will be banned for a few hours from that task and should take the qualification test again to do the same task.

How much money you can earn

Most of the tasks pay between $0.1 - $4 per 1000 tasks. Most of the tasks on Hive work are low paying. You should select the tasks that pay decently and work only on those tasks.

Logo identification tasks pay you $0.4 per 1000 tasks.  The average earning for this task is around $0.5 per hour. Always choose to do tasks that pay at least $0.3 / 1000 tasks.

You don't have to complete 1000 tasks to get paid, your earning increases for each task you complete.

You can also earn money by referring friends to this website. You will get $1 for every $5 your friend earns up to $5 and your friend earns a bonus of $0.5 for every $5 he earns. If you can refer friends you can earn a good amount from this website.


The minimum payout is $2. Your balance will be paid out every Tuesday if it is greater than $ 2. They offer two payout methods. Paypal and Bitcoin. You can adjust your minimum payout from $2 - $45.

Payment proof

Here is a Paypal payment proof from Hive work.

hive work review payment proof

Is Hive work scam?

No, As of now they are paying on time.

How many tasks are available?

Usually, they have more than 2000 tasks available under each category at any given time. They frequently add new tasks and you can take qualification tests and start working.

Are there any alternatives to Hive Work?

Yes, You can try micro job websites which pay higher than Hive work like mTurk, Microworkers, etc check the list of Top 12 Micro Job websites

  • Weblink

 Join Hive Work

  • App

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