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get paid to speak

U Speak We Pay is a free android mobile application. As the name suggests the app pays you to speak the sentences that appear on the app. Currently, they support English and other 10 Indian languages. They are accepting new members and there are no daily targets. You can work according to your comfort.

Update: The app removed some languages including English and Hindi.

How to earn money with U Speak We Pay ?.

There are two ways to earn money from this app.

  1.  Speaking the sentences that appear on the app
  2.  Refer your friends to this app


  • Download the app from play store
 Download U Speak We Pay

  • Enter Referral code as ZOIWNK
  • Register on this app with your mobile number that is linked with Paytm.

How to work?

Immediately after completing the registration the sentences appears on the home page. You can choose the language that you wish to record. You can change the language at any time you want.

  • Go to home page

get paid to speak

  • Press the record button at the bottom of the page
  • Read the sentence
  • Press again to stop recording
  • Immediately after submitting, a new sentence appears
  • You can change the language at any time.
  • You can check earning status at the Earnings tab. They keep separate earnings for each language.

get paid to speak

Supported Languages.

U Speaks We Pay supports 11 Languages including English and Hindi.

The supported languages are:

  • Malayalam
  • Kannada
  • Urdu
  • Punjabi
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Tamil
  • Gujarathi
  • Telugu
  • Bengali
  • Marathi
get paid to speak

How much you can earn?

The money you earn depends upon the amount of time you work on this app and the number of referrals. You can also earn a decent amount of money without any referral.

You are paid for every sentence you speak. You are only paid for accepted submissions. So you should speak from a noise-free environment. Their acceptance rate is low and is between 40% - 60%.

The payment for each sentence varies from ₹ 0.1 to ₹ 0.25. It depends on the language you choose. 

Payment rates:

  English and Hindi                          : ₹ 0.1
  Kannada, Gujrathi, Tamil, Telugu : ₹ 0.15
  All other languages                        : ₹ 0.25

get paid to speak

Refer and earn 

You can earn up to ₹ 50 from each referral. You will be paid ₹ 0.1 for every file your friend submit and you can earn up to ₹50 from each one of them. You can invite up to 2000 friends.


You need a Paytm account to get paid from this app and they pay you every day. Your entire earning is accumulated and you get paid on next morning if your earning is more than ₹25. You don't have to request payment manually. It is automatically withdrawn to your Paytm account.

Payment Proof

Here is the latest payment from u speak we pay

get paid to speak


  • Paid to speak
  • Most of the Indian languages are available
  • Daily payments
  • Low Minimum withdrawal


  • Low acceptance rate
  • Separate earning for each language

Final Thoughts:

As the name says currently they are paying its users on time for recording sentences on their app. The app gives you unlimited earning opportunities by speaking and inviting friends. Everybody including beginners can work on this app and earn decent money. The acceptance rate is low and you will have to speak more sentences than you expected. As of now they are not a scam and are paying and is worth a try. Ask your questions and thoughts on the comment section below.

 Download U Speak We Pay

  • Enter Referral code as ZOIWNK
  • Register on this app with your mobile number that is linked with Paytm.

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