6 ways to earn money from YouTube | Unlock the full earning potential of YouTube | New/Old YouTube channel

YouTube is a potential platform and if you use it wisely you can generate huge income with it. Most of the Youtubers use only Adsense for their revenue, but there are other options which can generate more money than Adsense. You can also below monetization methods along with Adsense.

  • Adsense
YouTube offers their Partner Program, which allows you to monetize your videos with Adsense ads. This includes banner, text and video ads.
According to the latest Adsense policy,  Channels will need 4,000 hours of annual viewing time and over 1,000 subscribers.
These AdSense ads are easy to set up and the CPM rates vary with time

  • Affiliate Marketing
This is the best way to monetize your channel if you do reviews or recommend products on your channel. There is a huge income potential for affiliate marketing on Youtube. You can generate the affiliate link of that product and place it in the description. It will be useful for the viewers too. Channels with a lesser number of subscribers can also earn a decent income.

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  • Working with brands/sponsors

Once you have a good subscribers base, you can look for this opportunity. The brans will be ready to sponsor your videos or they will pay you to promote their business through your videos. Some brands will also give you free products to review. You can give contact details on your channels so that the brands can contact you.

  • URL Shorteners
You can use paid URL shorteners whenever you provide an external link. The user will be redirected to the desired webpage only after showing a 5-second ad. Most of the URL shorteners pays between $1 - $10 per 1000 views. The money you earned will depend on the user's location. Channels with a lesser number of subscribers can also earn a decent income if you have video views.

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  • Sell Your Product
Once you have a decent audience, consider selling your own products like E-book, T-shirts etc,.  Consider products related to your video topic so that you can easily sell your products. Since it's your own product, the whole profit stays with you. Consider setting your own online store for this purpose. You can also consider dropshipping business to sell products.

  • Sell Your Service
If you are good at something, offer your service for a price ( like web designing, marketing skills etc..). You can easily find your customers through your channels, ask them to contact you whenever they need your service. 

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