Get paid to chat | Blabber messenger app review | Blabber closed/shutdown? Why Blabber app is not available

Blabber messenger app review payment $15 paypal

Blabber is a new messenger app like WhatsApp. But here the blabber comes with a new idea of rewarding its users with a fixed amount while many other similar rewarding chat apps offers Lucky Draw to its users. You can chat with your friends, find new friends or can create group chats.


Blabber Messenger will no longer available for download. The app was permanently removed on both Android Google Play Store and iOS AppStore. The all other apps from the company will return to Playstore after maintenance.

  • Blabber permanently removed from Playstore.
  • But those who already have the app installed can continue earning and get paid

  • Here is the explanation from APPS THAT PAY, LCC, The developers of Blabber Messenger.

"Some of our apps have been temporarily removed from the App Store for maintenance. We should have them back up soon! In the meantime, you can subscribe and we'll send you an email when we're live again."
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Blabber review

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What we liked:

  • Every message you send with this app is rewared.
  • You will get $15 for every 15,000 messages you send.
  • Opportunity to earn from what we are doing everyday online.
Blabber review

What we didn't liked:

  • The app have a basic layout which is boring.
  • You have to search and find your friends already on blabber by searching their username on search option available at homescsreen of the app.
  • The apps takes a little time to load chat. The messages takes a few seconds to send and shows a popup 'sending message'. ( Fixed in the latest update)
  • You can only send 3 messages at a time, to chat more your friend should to reply to your messages that you already send. Same rule applies to group chats also, someone in a group should reply with a message to send more messages in a group.
  • To start chatting with someone you have to send a request and the other side should accept your request to chat.

Blabber messenger review

How to earn money?

Just chat with your friends!. Each message you send via blabber is rewarding. You earn a fixed amount of $15 for every 15,000 messages send. There is a daily limit of 300 messages which will be considered as rewarding (You can increase the message count by watching videos @ Mycash section of the app). You can cashout unlimited times from this app.
Blabber review


Payments are done via PayPal and minimum payout is $15.

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Blabber fixed it's some of it's errors like time taken to send messages but it still need much more improvements like time taken to load chats and more beautiful layout. Blabber is a better way to earn money by chatting with Friends. You can earn from what you are doing already online. So give it a try.  Write your opinions or any questions about blabber in the comment section below.

Blabber is going to shut down, it will not be available to download from Playstore and Appstore, but you can continue to earn money if you have the app already installed.

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