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Timebucks review

TimeBucks is a Get-Paid-To site (GPT) that rewards you in real cash for doing tasks. They have a lot of tasks like watching videos, surveys, polls, installing apps, playing games, taking selfies, searching, referring friends, and much more. Are you searching for a Ysense or Swagbucks alternative?, then Timebucks is for you.

About the website

Timebucks is a rewarding website based in Australia. It is owned by Australian Clearing Pty Ltd. 

Website: Timebucks.com 
Minimum Payout: $10
Expected earning: $10 - $15/ Day - US/Canada (Without referral), $0.32 - $10/Day Rest of the countries(After completing daily goals)

How to earn?

You have to register a new account with Timebucks to start earning money. You will get $1 instantly after you complete the registration from the link below.

Register Now on Timebucks, get $1 for free instantly.

Join Timebucks and get $1 Free

New updates: 
  1. Daily Goals  added : $0.1 + 20,000 sweepstake entries.
  2. Weekly Goals added : $0.2 + 2,00,000 sweepstake entries + Premium membership for one week.
  3. Passive earning with Engaged Hits : Daily $0.2 for 20 videos (Under Engage Tab & Content Tab)
  4. Microjobs added
  5. Get Paid to Sign Up
  6. Get paid to search on Bing

There are a lot of ways to earn money from Timebucks. They are continuously adding new tasks and removing non-relevant tasks from their website. Let's look at the types of tasks available on Timebucks. To view available tasks click on the 'Earn' tab.

How to earn minimum $0.35 from Timebucks daily from any country without referral?

After introducing daily goals in Timebucks, its now easier to earn $0.35 daily. Let's look at the tasks that are available in all counties and their rates. 
  • Watch 20 Engaged hits videos : $0.2/day
  • Complete daily goals: $0.1/day
  • Daily poll: $0.005/day
  • Visit websites under 'Clicks' : $0.01/day
  • Complete 20 slideshows : $0.02/day
  • Perform 3 searches: $0.003/day
  • Attempt one task: $0.05
  • One survey attempt: $0.01 - $1.5 (Assuming the lowest earning for calculation, i.e., in case you disqualified still get $0.01)
Total: Minimum $0.398

If you complete daily goals, you will automatically earn more than this daily. It's easy to achieve daily goal. If you complete weekly goals then you will get free premium membership and you will be earning 25% extra for a week. 

Daily Goal and Weekly Goal

Timebucks recently introduced daily and weekly goals. The new feature comes with daily and weekly bonuses. You can see list of 6 goals and you need to complete any 5 to achieve daily goal. You will get $0.1 + 20,000 sweepstake entries daily. If you complete daily goal for 6 days you will get $0.2+ 200,000 sweepstake entries  on the sixth day + $0.1 daily bonus.

Get paid to view contents

In the content tab, you will get paid to explore various types of content like websites, videos, slideshows, etc. 

Let's look in deep to the content tab, it's again divided into various tasks.

  • Clicks - Get paid to visit websites

In this tab, you will get paid to visit websites. You will get $0.001 - $0.02 per click. The money earned depends on the time spent on the website. You can also advertise your website on this tab. 

  • Slideshows

You are paid to view slide shows. You earn money instantly after completing slideshows. You will have to visit at least 7 slides to earn money. This task pays at least $0.002 and 20 tasks are available per day. 

  • Captcha

In this tab, you will get paid to do captchas. You can do an unlimited number of captchas and earn money. You will earn $0.003/15 captcha. You will also get 2 sweepstake entries for every captcha you complete.

  • Vote

Here you get paid to vote. The rate varies and you have to visit the website to find the rate.

  • Engage - Get paid to watch videos

This task pays you to watch Youtube videos. You will have to install a Chrome Extension. The rate for the tasks $0.01/video. You can earn $0.2 daily. You can leave the video in the background and do other tasks. It's like a passive earning.

  • Push Clicks

Here you will get paid to view push notifications. You have to click on this tab and activate push notifications. The amount will be credited the next day based on the clicks of the previous day. 

  • Search - Get paid to search

In this task, you will get paid to search on Bing. You can complete 24 tasks/day and the rate per task is $0.001 per search. You can search for anything on the search tab provided on the header of the website and earn money.


Timebucks is the best one of the best websites to answer surveys. This is the highest paying tab on timebucks and there are a lot of surveys available. There are 10+ survey providers available on Timebucks. You will get an assured daily poll every day. The best part of doing the survey with Timebucks is you earn for every survey attempts. You will be rewarded even if you are disqualified from a survey. You will get $0.01  -  $0.05, the amount depends upon the time you spend on the survey.

Members from the US and other top tier countries can earn $10+/day from the survey tab itself.

  • Daily Poll

Don't miss the daily poll. It pays you $0.005 just to answer a poll every day. It's available under the surveys tab.

You can do surveys from 

  • Tap Research
  • Theoremreach
  • Dalia Research,
  • Peanut Labs, 
  • Poll Fish,
  • Opinion Surveys, 
  • Adscend Media, 
  • Revenue Wall, 
  • Paneland Survey, 
  • Opinion Surveys, 
  • Speak Up, 
  • EasySurveys, 
  • Opinion capital
  • OxSample Surveys

The survey tab gives you an opportunity to earn unlimited income.

Task - Get paid to complete micro jobs

This is a new tab launched on timebucks. It's similar to micro jobs available on mTurk and microworkers. You will get paid to complete simple micro-tasks like searching, social media tasks, posting, etc. You will have to follow the instructions and submit the proofs required to get paid. You can also post your jobs and get it done on timebucks. 

Signups - Get paid to signup

In this tab, you will get paid to signup on various websites advertised by the advertisers. You can click on the links and follow instructions given by the advertiser. You will have to submit the proofs asked by the advertiser. You can also advertise your referral links via this tab to get referrals for other rewarding websites or apps. 

Instagram Tasks

(Currently Unavailable)
This task pays you for using Instagram. You are paid to create a page, post,  follow, unfollow, etc. To start earning with the Instagram task you will have to create a new Instagram account and select the topic from the Timebucks website. Your earning increases as your followers increase.

Get paid to Tik Tok

This task pays you for using Tik Tok. You are paid to create posts on Tik Tok, mostly to do a duet with the sponsor. To start earning with the Tik Tok task you need a Tik Tok account. You can use an existing one or create a new one. Your earning increases as your followers increase.

Get paid to Tik tok earn money with tik tok

Watch Videos

  • Timebucks Youtube Tab

You can also earn money by watching Youtube videos. You should watch the video for at least 60 seconds to get credit. You can also advertise your videos here to get views on Youtube. Most of them pay 1-2 Cents.

  • Engage Youtube Videos (Passive Earning)

The tab is available under the 'Content' tab. You can earn money for watching Youtube videos. You are paid for every video you watch. 
To start earning money with this tab you have to go to this tab and signup with your Google account on engaged hits website and install a chrome extension.
You can also earn with your mobile phone and is completely passive income, You can just leave it open and earn money. 
You will get a $1 bonus once you complete 2 sets of videos for 30 days.


Using the link tab you can earn money by sharing links. You can use the links tab to shorten any URL. You can share this short URL on any website or social media and earn money for every visit. The money you can earn depends on the country and the number of visits. You can find the current rate at the links tab.

Offer Walls

Offer Walls and other offers help to increase your earnings. You can do offers and tasks provided by time bucks and other offers provided by offer walls like Radium One, Persona.ly, Adscend Media, Super Rewards, Adgate media, Offer Toro, Wanna ads. Kiwi ads, Ad work media, Revenue Universe, Driverless ads. The earning potential is unlimited with offer walls. The number of offers available will depend upon the country you belong to.

Refer and earn

You will earn $1 to signup under a referral link and you can also earn unlimited money by referring your friends. You can earn a 15% commission from your direct referrals and 2% from your level 2 referrals (Level 2,3 & 4) and 1% on Level 5. The interesting part is that they offer 5 levels of referral income.
The timebucks referral system has huge potential. You can earn up to 5 levels of referral income. If you can invite a lot of friends, you can earn big on timebucks. 


Timebucks gives you a chance to earn free money by rolling where you can earn between $0.002 to $100. In order to roll, you must have referred at least 2 people in the last 7 days who have earned at least $0.10 in Earnings (excluding Referral Commission and Bonuses). You can roll once every 60 minutes.  Random numbers are generated while you roll and depending on the numbers generated you will be rewarded. 

timebucks roll tab win

Ali Express Cashback

Like Swagbucks, Timebucks also pays you to shop on Ali Express. You can earn up to 9% cashback from this tab. You can also share the commission links with friends and earn for their purchases.


In this task, you will get paid to upload videos to YouTube. You must have a YouTube account in order to do this task. They will provide you with the videos you need to download and upload. They will also provide you with the exact Title, Description, Thumbnail, and Tags you need to copy and paste. You can find the exact rate at the Upload tab.


You can buy premium membership and increase your earning on Timebucks. You will earn an extra 25% extra if you pay $4.75 for 7 days. You can opt for this if you wish to earn more for every task you do on timebucks.  

Weekly Sweepstake Prizes (New)

This is a new tab introduced on Timebucks recently. Here you can win up to $250 on a weekly sweepstake prize. $500 is awarded to 30 members. 

How to earn sweepstake entry?

Logging in daily: 100 entries 
Any task you do you will get 1 entry per $0.001 you earn: 1 entry 
Referring someone to TimeBucks: 200 entries

Below is a list of prizes that will be won:

1st - $250
2nd - $50
3rd - $30
4th to 10th - $10
11th to 30th - $5


The minimum payout required is $10 and is paid on every Thursday. Your account is auto withdrawn on every Thursday. You can also choose to hold your payment or transfer to timebucks advertising balance.
Paypal is no longer available on Timebucks and will not be returning in the near future. But they have introduced Airtm through which you can transfer your money to the Paypal account and Transferwise for direct bank transfer.  In addition to that new payment methods were also introduced. They will also deposit $0.5 in your wallet to cover the fee of payment providers if any. No other websites cover this themselves. 

Payment methods available:
  • Bank Transfer (Transferwise)
  • AirTm (Can be transferred to Paypal)
  • Tango Cards ( Gift cards like Amazon, Flipkart, etc are available)
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Payeer
  • Bitcoin

Payment Proof

The minimum payout required is $10.  You can request your payout via Paypal, Payeer, and Bitcoin. Here is a Paypal payment proof from Timebucks

Payment Proof 2
Tango Gift card India (Do not expire): That can be can be converted into other  gift cards like Amazon, Flipkart, Big Bazar etc. The converted gift cards are delivered instantly. 

Tango Card Timebucks Payment proof

Payment Proof 3


Timebucks gives you an opportunity to earn money by doing simple tasks without any investments. The earnings on this site depend on the time you spend on this site, tasks done, and the number of referrals you have. No doubt Timebucks rewards you more money than other GPT sites, and you can further increase your income if you can refer your friends. They also give a bonus to the top 5 daily earners. 

Scam or Legit

Timebucks is a legit GPT site and is paying members on time.  They are continuously improving the website by introducing new tasks and removing irrelevant tasks. It's one of the best GPT sites available online and it's the best Ysense and Swagbucks alternative.

Join timebucks

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