5 ways to earn money and other rewards with Google

4 ways to earn money with google

There are few programs powered by Google where users can earn money and other rewards. Google Adsense is top on this list and it provides unlimited earning opportunities for web and app developers. There are other few programs which don't need your special skills to get rewarded, like screenwise panel, opinion rewards, etc.

  • Google User Experience Research

Google User experience is a research panel for Google and conducts various user research programs for Google. It helps to improve Google products and services. Users are rewarded with gift cards for their efforts. The program includes online Survey, direct meeting with users or at Google office, etc.

  • Google Local Guides

earn money with google local guids

Google Maps runs a program called Local Guides. Local guides allow you to add information to Google Maps like adding places, adding photos and reviews, etc.
You can earn points for your efforts and increase your level. As your level increases, you can earn more benefits, like early access to new products before their release, early access to features, and being invites to Google events.

  • Google opinion rewards

earn money with google opinion rewards

This app rewards user for answering surveys made by Google consumer surveys. You have to sign up to opinion rewards app and provide basic information about yourself. The surveys will be based on the information that you have provided.
You can only redeem these points for Google play credits. By using these credits you can buy paid apps, games, movies, etc.

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  • Google Adsense

earn money with google adsense

Adsense is the most trusted and preferred earning source for web and app developers. To earn from Adsense you need a website, Youtube channel or app. Your earning increases as your visitor's engagement with ads increases.

  • Screenwise panel [ No longer available in India ]

earn money with google screenwise panel

Screenwise panel monitors your apps usage and browsing behavior and rewards for your data collected. This app pays a fixed amount each month. You have to sign up to the screenwise panel through their website and if you are approved you can download screenwise meter app and start earning a passive income. You don't have to do anything to earn from this app, just install this app and run in the background. [Try Nielson Confluence panel app similar to Screenwise panel, Click here for the full review with payment proof.]

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