Earn $5/₹200 per month with Google's screenwise panel | review & payment proof

The Screenwise Media Panel is a Google-sponsored project in which you smartphone usage is tracked in exchange for rewards. The Screenwise Media Panel is being run for Google by Research Now Inc,.

To join this programme you have to first register on screenwisemedia.com which will take you to the registration survey. Once you are eligible you'll be directed to download the Screenwise Panel App. You don't have to do anything just keep the app run in the background.

Usefull faqs from in.screenwisemedia.com

 How much data will the app use?

If you are connected via cellular networks, an average active user can expect about 5 MB / day worth of data usage. If connected via WIFI, an average active user can expect about 150 MB / day worth of data usage.

How can I earn rewards?

You earn rewards simply by letting your meter run in the background on your phone. Each month you get Rs. 100 plus a bonus. The bonus starts as Rs. 10 and goes up by Rs. 10 each month until you're earning Rs. 200 per month. And don’t forget about the 300 Rs bonus for downloading and turning on the app!

- No need to do anything to earn, just run in background
- Fixed income
-Google project

- Privacy issues, This app monitor your all activities.
- Increased Battery Usage

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